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Alternative Assessment

To Assist Our Clients on Recognizing The Extent of Damage of An Organ, and Organ Systems, we Will Recommend a Laboratory Service to Facilitate Lab-work.


Holistic Health Consultations Allow our Certified Holistic Health Practitioners Create the Best program for our Clients.

Chronic Ailments

Chronic Fatigue, Diabetes, Heart Problems, Kidney Disease, Influenza, and many Other Ailments, Illnesses and Diseases.


At the Core of Our Treatment Protocols Herbology is utilized as a means of Treating a Variety of our Client's Conditions.

Holistic Health Education

At Herbal Life Treatment Institute, we Believe An Educated Client is An Informed Client. We Provide Free, and Paid For Holistic Health Training.

Bioresonance Scanning

We Provide Bioresonance Scanning as one of Our Assessment Tools. Our Bioresonance Devices are Able to Collect Electrical Feedback from the Body From Each Organ System.

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