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Our Mission

Our mission is to uphold the Natural Laws of the Universe, while practicing herbal and holistic medicine and traditional teachings to treat ailments, illnesses, and diseases.

Our Focus

AT HLTI We Are Focused on Improving the Health, and Well-being of Our Clients.

Many people today are turning to Natural Alternative care. We incorporate CT, and MRI scans with urinalysis and lab work to help us get to the root cause of our client’s issues.

All to often, we see holistic health centers focus only on the biological sources of ailments, illnesses and diseases, while neglecting other factors such as the mental, emotional, and environmental factors. At HLTI, we assess the entirety of an individual in order to find the right treatment protocol tailored just for them. 

Bad diets, environmental pollutants, chronic alcohol, and/or drug abuse, stress, and other factors play a roll is people developing chronic medical conditions. We at HLTI recognizes that their are a few main causes of illnesses, ailments, and diseases and they are chronic malnutrition, chronic dehydration, toxin intake, and pathogenic. 

Herbology is the study of the use plant-based materials to treat ailments, illnesses, and diseases.  At HLTI, we rely heavily on natural remedies derived from leaves, vines, roots, and flowers of plants. Our herbal remedies are both effective and all natural. Herbal Life Farms grows only organic, and non-gmo herbs.

Whether you wish to learn the arts and practices of Natural and Holistic medicines to heal yourself, and/or assist others, we provide training in Natural and Holistic Health. Our programs are accredited through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, and the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine. 

Every organ in our bodies emit a specific frequency and and electrical impulses. Our bioresonance device is able to detect the frequencies, and electrical impulses being emitted from all organ systems. 

Why Choose Our Holistic Health Programs?

With the wellbeing of our clients in mind, we execute the best practices by researching regional relevant ailments, illnesses, and diseases.

We believe in affordable holistic healthcare for all.

Holistic Healthcare should be affordable for all! At Herbal Life Treatment Institute, we are committed to ensuring that our products, and Holistic Healthcare will remain affordable for all of our clients! 

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